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The sweet charm of wind and sand Mui Ne

16/08/2018 5246 views
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"Sahara of Vietnam"

Sức quyến rũ ngọt ngào của gió và cát Mũi Né - 1 Cồn cát Mũi Né. Ảnh: vietnamtrave

Mui Ne sand dunes. Photo: Vietnamtravel.

The dunes of Mui Ne often make visitors easily associate with the Sahara desert in Africa, with four surfaces are desert sand hills, pigs. Although not as large as the Sahara, sand dunes in Mui Ne also possess a separate attraction that no visitors can resist.

The first stop that tourists often choose to experience the "sandy sea" is the Mui Ne sand hill. Mui Ne Sand Hill has become a muse, inspiring writers, painters, poets and photographers.

Because of the shape of sand dunes change continuously every day, every hour due to the impact of wind, sand dunes Mui Ne is also called Sand Bay. Therefore, each time to visit the sand hill Mui Ne, people have the opportunity to admire the scenery of sand dunes in a unique appearance and can not see again in the next.

If the charming sand dunes spread from Binh Thuan to Ninh Thuan in an area that is not certain that the gift of nature to the land here, the wind is the industrious artist has brought different nuances and shapes. For sand dunes, especially in Mui Ne. Therefore, Mui Ne is also known as "sand paradise".

Bàu Sen là vẻ đẹp tổng hòa của đại dương và sa mạc. Ảnh: yatlat

Bau Sen is the total beauty of the ocean and the desert. Picture: yatlat.

Mui Ne sand dunes located opposite the Tien stream bring to the contrast between water and sand, between the arid and cool flow resurgence of all things. The scenery here is a beautiful combination between the soft sand dunes glistening in the sun and deep blue lake to create a virtual feeling, opposite. Mui Ne seems to have a great mix of desert, one side of the ocean.

Sandy beach

 Những đồi cát thoai thoải ở Mũi Né. Ảnh: baotinnhanh

The sand dunes in Mui Ne. Picture: Baotinnhanh.

Sand Dunes is like a work created when the sand dance with the wind, the wind pushed away. The wind has eroded and flattened the thin sand layer above the dunes surface, giving sand dunes different shapes.

The sand dunes in Mui Ne soft, winding up and down, bringing a variety of shapes, places are sandy rolls like the ripples of the sea lightly shoved shore, where the bubbling dunes simulate the shape of every hill, mountain. The excitement comes not only from the outside but also through the unique color of the sand.

The sand here is different in color. Sand dunes formed from ancient iron mines have existed for hundreds of years, so the main color is yellow. Up to now, 18 natural sand colors have been found in Mui Ne. Mui Ne is also an ideal place for sand artisans to find materials available from nature to create many sand paintings with unique colors: white, yellow, red, pink, white and gray. , red black ...

Đồi hồng (Đồi Cát Đỏ) ở Phan Thiết. Ảnh: citypassguide

Rose Hill (Red Sand Hill) in Phan Thiet. Photo: Citypassguide.

The sand dunes are named after the color of the sand, such as White Sand Hill, Golden Sand Hill, Red Sand Hill ... The most beautiful and beautiful is Cat Vang. Grains of sand add shine and more color when the sun rises and turns dark red when it rains.

While admiring the spectacular, spectacular Mui Ne sand dunes, visitors can join many exciting outdoor activities on the sand such as sand slide, or sea view and conquer the dune jeep ...



Bàu Trắng trên báo nước ngoài. Ảnh: Bruisedpassports

Bau Trang on foreign news. Photo: Bruisedpassports.

If you want to change the atmosphere after having fun on "sand beach", tourists can go to Bau Sen (White Lake), not far from Mui Ne to return to the sea and bathe in cool water and mail. Relax with nature, clouds and the sky of the "sand" printed in the blue sea.

Come to Mui Ne if you want to adventure with sea, wind and sand. You will see how nature has favored this land.