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13 experience to fully sense Mui Ne

16/08/2018 5880 views
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Photographed in Po Sah Inuz Tower

Also known as Cham Tower, this is a group of temples Cham towers on Ba Na hill, Phu Hai Ward, 7 km from the center of Phan Thiet. Despite the small and medium size, the tower is almost distilled all the quintessence of architectural techniques and decorative arts of the ancient Cham should look majestic and mysterious.

Find out about Han Mac Tu's performance at the Ong Hoang residence, a sightseeing monument located on one of the five most beautiful hills in Ba Na, Phu Hai, Phan Thiet. This is also one of the places associated with talented poet Han Mac Tu.

Tracing the name of the rocky area of ​​Ong Dia, a site of rocky cliffs protruding from the coast between Co mountain and Rang mountain in Ham Tien ward (Binh Thuan province). There is a rock shaped like his relics so people in the area named Ong Lib stone

Experience the thrilling game in Vietnam's resort paradise is the name that visitors to the area from Da Ong Da to Suoi Tien. This is where you can take part in adventure with surfing or go to the bar with friends.

Soaking in the orange stream of Tien stream (Suoi Tre) - a small stream next to Hon Rom. Enjoy the majesty of the hills, the dream of welding coconut green year round.

3 most beautiful sand dunes in Central Vietnam
The unique characteristics of each sand dunes such as beauty, vitality, magic that you can not ignore.

Sand dunes in sand dunes - one of the sand beaches stretching from Binh Thuan province to Ninh Thuan but the main attraction of the sand hill and is considered the most beautiful is on the way to Mui Ne (opposite Suoi Tien).

Enjoy cheap seafood in Hon Rom Early in the morning, hundreds of boats, boats will anchor after a night of fishing and selling seafood for visitors. Fresh, cheap seafood will leave you unwilling to leave.

Conquer White Lake with a mountain bike or a lotus boat in the lake. According to legend, this place is a large lake, after people sand piles running across the lake to pass. This large lake is divided into two parts: the lake and the lake. The "lake" in the local language means "lake".

Visiting the Dream House, one of the mistresses is also the muse of the Han Mac Tu male poet, helping to understand more about his personality, personality and love.

Pictures that make you unbelievable are taken in Vietnam
Under the strange machine, the familiar scene of Vietnam becomes more virtual and beautiful than ever.

Wave dance in Doi Duong, the most beautiful beach Mui Ne on Nguyen Tat Thanh. Every moment of the day, the scene has changed certain bring many surprises, fun for you.

Discover the water tower, the symbol of Phan Thiet Water Tower was started construction in late 1928 and completed in early 1934. In addition to visiting the tower, do not forget to find the word "UEPT" What type of porcelain chopsticks mean.

Visit the fishes at Van Thuy Tu, the Nam Hai goddess of fishes, according to the belief of fishermen in the sea. The lake was built by Thuy Tu villagers in the year 1762. When the new construction was completed, the front door is close to the beach. Today the coast has moved away more than 100 meters.

Visit Duc Thanh - a school founded by patriotic scholars in Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan province in 1907 to respond to the Duy Tan movement, also the first teacher of Nguyen Tat Thanh before entering Saigon.